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devNews - Dec. 2, 2018 at 4:34 pm - ios apple modmyi jailbreak jay freeman cydia appstore macciti zodttd

This Friday, Jay Freeman, the maintainer of the iOS-Jailbreak-AppStore "Cydia", announced that he will shut-down his services. 
"Cydia" is an app store for people that jailbreaked their iPhones and allows them to buy and download apps. Apple's AppStore doesn't allow jailbreaked apps, that's the reason it was created in 2009.

Jay Freeman, also known as "Saurik", explained that he wanted to shut down the service at the end of 2018 anyways.
Now, a recent security issue, threatening the data of all users, caused that the store no longer existed with immediate effect.
In addition to the security issue, "Cydia" was said to be no more profitable.
To calm you breakers down: Previous purchases can still be downloaded!

The software itself will continue to exist, but without a back-end for payments and stuff like that. Users are still able to do payments through third-party repositories, which already happened anyway, so that lowers the impact of the shut-down.

Just like "Cydia", other services are shutting down too.
One of the three big Cydia-repositories, ModMyi, said they won't allow any new apps and archived all existing ones.
ZodTTD and MacCiti will also be discontinued.
"Bigboss" is the only repository remaining.

Jailbreaks just lost their popularity over the last years. There's still no jailbreak for iOS 11! This shows that Apple is getting better and better at preventing jailbreaks.
On the other hand, it shows that the need for jailbreaks is not quite as high anymore and therefore the developers don't spend too much energy for breaking up iOS anymore.

Did you use Cydia, or any of the other services? Write us in the comments!

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