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Github unveils another round of pricing changes By devNews

In a move that slipped under the radar with some surprising ease, Microsoft-owned repo wrangler Github unveiled yesterday (7th January) a new set of changes to their pricing model. Unlike the last round of changes that saw unlimited private repos gracing anybody with $7 in their pocket each month - The new round sees everyone on the platform receiving unlimited private repos in a move that's been met with some serious skepticism from the community. The company's surprisingly brief ...

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Linux wants some hugs, and everyone gives a hug about it! By devNews

After the CoC controversy revolving around the Linux Kernel project, a change introduced by the CoC is being put into practice:  Jarkko Sakkinen, from Intel, started replacing words comments containing "fuck" with their "hug" variant. This means comments such as /* master list of VME vectors -- don't fuck with this */ might look a bit different in the future: /* master list of VME vectors -- don't hug with this */ People that oppose this change criticiz...

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NVIDIA announces PhysX SDK 4.0, open-sources 3.4 under modified BSD license By devNews

NVIDIA has announced a new version, 4.0, of PhysX, their physics simulation engine. Its new features include: - A "Temporal Gauss-Seidel Solver (TGS)", an algorithm used in this SDK to make things such as robots, character arms, etc. more robust to move around. NVIDIA demonstrates this in the video by making their old version of PhysX, 3.4, seem like an unpredictable mess, the robot demonstrating that version smashing a game of chess. - New filtering rules for supposedly easier...

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Amazon opposes Oracle, continues support of OpenJDK until at least June 2023 using "Corretto" By devNews

As most Java developers have heard, Oracle will change the licensing models of the Oracle JDK and OpenJDK for versions older than 2 years, making creators of commercial software pay for a license for the JDK if they need such a version. However, Amazon recently released Corretto (, their own distribution of OpenJDK to the public, with an extended support of the Java 8 variant until June 2023. This will give companies, which still didn't update their softwares...

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HTTP/3 is coming! And it won't use TCP! By devNews

A recent announcement reveals that HTTP - the protocol used by browsers to communicate with web servers - will get a major change in version 3! Before, the HTTP protocols (version 1.0, 1.1 and 2.2) were all layered on top of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). TCP provides reliable, ordered, and error-checked delivery of data over an IP network. It can handle hardware failures, timeouts, etc. and makes sure the data is received in the order it was transmitted in. Also you can easily de...

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New API allows developers to update Android Apps while using them By devNews

Today, at the Android Dev Summit, Google announced a new API which allows developers to update an app while using it. Until now, you were forced to close the app and were locked out of it until the update has finished. This new API adds two different options: 1.) A Full-Screen experience which locks the user out of the app which should be used for critical updates when you expect the user to wait for the update to be applied immediately. This option is very similar to how the update flow w...

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