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Home domain taken over, doxxed person who created CoC (but wait!) By devNews

At the time of writing, does not support HTTPS and has an empty page. Previously, that page showed quite a lot of information about the doxxed person redirects to the previously doxxed person's Twitter account. Currently, this seems like a DNS takeover. We ask you not to spam them. Yes, they created the CoC, something lots of you hate. However, they only created it. They weren't responsible for quite a few open-source projects adopting it. Thus, doxxing th...

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UK Mobile carrier O2's data network vanishes like a fart in the wind By devNews

One of the largest mobile carriers in the UK; O2 has been having all manner of weird and wonderful problems this morning as bleary eyed susbcribers awoke to find their data services unavailable. What makes this particular outage interesting (more so than the annoyingly frequent wobblers some mobile masts have) is that the majority of the UK seems to be affected. To further compound the hilarity/disaster (depending on which side of the fence you're on), Many smaller independent carriers...

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URGENT: Major security flaw in Kubernetes: Update Kubernetes at all costs! By devNews

Detailed info: Kubernetes issue 71411 If you are running any unpatched versions of Kubernetes, you must update now. Anyone might be able to send commands directly to your backend through a forged network request, without even triggering a single line in the log, making their attack practically invisible! If you are running a version of Kubernetes below 1.10... there is no help for you. Upgrade to a newer version, e.g. 1.12.3. This post was written by @filthyranter

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Microsoft switches to the open-source Chromium engine for the Edge browser By devNews

On December 6th, Microsoft announced that they will dump their own Edge engine and replace it with Chromium, an open-source browser engine developed by Google. This way they are promising the ~2% of global internet users who prefer Edge over other browsers to experience a better web experience. The about 2% of market share is one of the reasons Microsoft decided to stop developing their own engine. It's just not worth it. Joe Belfiore, corporate veep of Windows, said they also want to ...

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iOS-Jailbreak-AppStore By devNews

This Friday, Jay Freeman, the maintainer of the iOS-Jailbreak-AppStore "Cydia", announced that he will shut-down his services.  "Cydia" is an app store for people that jailbreaked their iPhones and allows them to buy and download apps. Apple's AppStore doesn't allow jailbreaked apps, that's the reason it was created in 2009. Jay Freeman, also known as "Saurik", explained that he wanted to shut down the service at the end of 2018 anyways. Now...

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